Donate to Make a Difference!

The Human Action Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, which means we depend on your generous donations to operate our programs.

But that doesn’t mean this is altruism! Your donations are carefully deployed to bring the ideas of liberty to life – and liberty anywhere benefits people everywhere!

Our process is driven both by the Board, which sets strategic goals, and by individuals bringing their own projects to us to see how we can support them.


Current projects underway and in planning are:

  • Liberty Community Space for Seacoast New Hampshire: HAF has operated a flexible-use space for entrepreneurs, artists, and homeschooling families since 2014. We have raised over $250,000 to purchase and develop a new property to provide a next-level hub for Seacoast freethinkers. The property search, preparatory work with professional advisors, and fundraising continues.
  • The Freecoast Festival: Multi-day educational conference hosted by HAF every September, with an emphasis on ethical entrepreneurship, self-directed learning, and community-building.
  • CPR Training: In February, HAF Director Tynan K organized the first of a series of Red Cross-certified CPR training courses to promote critical lifesaving skills to the community. The Human Action Foundation covers 50% of the course fee for all participants.
  • HAF Educators: The Foundation supports a group of HAF Educators who raise awareness about alternative approaches to subjects from caring for the environment to maternity and parenthood.
  • Winter Coat Drive: In cooperation with a local charity, HAF created a Portsmouth collection point for winter coat donations to help keep needy families warm in the difficult winter months.
  • Adult Fitness Programs: HAF seeks to promote physical fitness for adults, to reduce obesity and promote general health, by sponsoring recreational athletic teams, clubs, and programs.
  • Liberty media: HAF will selectively sponsor media with an emphasis on the philosophy of liberty and freethinking approaches to business, family, and culture – including podcasts and online publications.

Please consider donating today to move these projects forward – and feel free to propose your own project as well!

“If you would take, you must first give.
This is the beginning of intelligence.”
Lao Tzu

Community Space Crowdfund

Over $300,000 has already been crowdsourced to build the premier liberty community space in the world. The crowdfund will remain open until the ribbon is cut on the new property. Many aspects of this project are scalable, meaning that additional funds will open additional opportunities. These include purchasing a larger property, purchasing the property without a mortgage, and making the buildout of the space more spectacular. Much like a house purchase, these funds will create a store of equity in the property that will serve as an endowment for the liberty community for years to come.

Other Projects

More exciting projects are coming soon! Do you have a project that you are passionate about and want to lead? Let us know how we can help!


*Donations to the Human Action Foundation are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.
**Speak with your accountant about the applicability of your donation and its amount to your tax situation.
***We will never send bank wire information over unencrypted/unsigned email. Please be very careful when sending wires, as spoofing is prevalent these days. When in doubt, verify via a separate method.

Please contact us if you have any donation questions.