The Human Action Foundation (HAF) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that provides educational, social, and charitable services to communities in which we operate.

Our activities respond to the needs of those we serve, seeking to help them on their own chosen path of self-improvement. Our present and future programs include providing materials and support for homeschooling families, aspiring entrepreneurs, and artists; hosting community events; providing educational seminars for children and adults; and organizing charitable efforts for those in need.

Founded in 2016, HAF is an outgrowth of years of grassroots efforts by the freedom-minded residents of New Hampshire’s seacoast. Through individual initiatives and ad-hoc partnerships, HAF’s board members and many other community members have accomplished:
• Building and maintaining a community event and educational space in Portsmouth for 3 years.
• Organizing the weekend-long Freecoast Festival educational event for 4 years.
• Hosting an art studio and art openings.
• Promoting entrepreneurship through co-working facilities, networking events, and competitions.
• Maintaining consistent weekly pro-liberty social gatherings for 10 years, serving 5 neighboring cities.
• Offering courses for homeschoolers including arithmetic, algebra, calculus, computer science, history, and economics.
• Founding fitness clubs for tennis, soccer, and hiking.
• Adult education events including a full-day course on the fundamentals of economics and a weekend conference on innovation through decentralization.

The Human Action Foundation brings freedom alive.

Donors to HAF will see their funds go to bolster and expand these efforts. Freedom thrives where people are educated and empowered to follow their dreams. HAF provides resources to enable individuals to reach higher for themselves and care for those around them.

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Meet the Human Action Foundation

Board of Trustees

Mike Vine

HAF President. Author, philosopher, investor. Striving for a voluntary world.

Shea Levy

Programmer, father, aspiring scientist. Activism through embodiment.

Tynan K

Nurse, mama, INFJ, Game of Thrones fanatic.

Tom Hudson

HAF Secretary. Family man, scholar, adventurer, lifehacker.

Ken Justice

HAF Treasurer. Engineer. Raising the next generation of free-thinkers.


Shea Levy

Managing Director

Kyle Mohney

Director of Development. Engineer, family man, wheeler-dealer, and fixer of all the things.

Vanessa Vine

Director of Properties. DIYer. Maker and nurturer of cute things.

Tynan K

Director of Operations

Tom Hudson

Director of Programs

Ken Justice

Director of Technology



Janet Ellis

Alternative Educator. Sewing, gardening, dance mom, hiking, studying herbs and reading.

Taylor Davis

Life learner. Doula and birth rights activist. Former teacher turned advocate for self-directed education.


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The Human Action Foundation greatly appreciates any donations of time and/or funds, so that we can serve our community better.