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What if liberty had a home?


…a place where freethinkers could meet, socialize, and work together on projects to benefit their community…
…an incubator for aspiring entrepreneurs…
…a studio for emerging artists…
…a classroom for self-directed learning…
…an event space for talks, film screenings, weddings, and potlucks…

Conservatives have the Church.
Progressives have City Hall.
But what about the rest of us?

Introducing… The Praxeum!

That’s right, it already exists – and it’s about time you knew about it!

Since 2014, the Freecoast libertarian community has operated a 2500 square foot facility in the burgeoning West End of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Since its founding, The Praxeum has hosted:

  • A pop-up art gallery opening
  • Seasonal potlucks
  • A farm-to-table CSA program
  • The launch of 2 blockchain startups
  • 3 years of ongoing math tutoring for homeschoolers by a university professor
  • Self-defense training for women and men of all ages
  • Academic conferences on Austrian economics and decentralized governance
  • Yoga classes
    3 major liberty festivals, as well as the 4th Annual Freecoast Festival
  • Free-Market Days, in which local artisans barter goods with one another and the community at large
  • Community Powwows, where projects are pitched and ideas discussed.
  • And lots more!

The cultural effects have also been astounding. A neighboring restaurant became the first in the region to accept Bitcoin for all meals. The Seacoast is now home to the only podcast covering exclusively local news from a liberty perspective, the Freecoast Freecast. Several parents have been empowered to rescue their kids from the compulsory school system and pursue self-directed learning. And so many porcupines have been drawn to the area and locals inspired that our community now numbers over 400 participants!

The Freecoast may already be the most vibrant liberty locale on the planet – thanks in no small part to our cherished Praxeum. But our vision is still grander…

We’re ready to scale up!


We want to build a free school – a self-directed learning center for homeschoolers from toddler to teenager.

We want to provide continuing education to adults to improve their life skills and earning power.

We want to create a safe space for mutual support and camaraderie among people who understand what Jefferson meant by “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

We want to build a venue for cultural events – TED-style talks, art shows, concerts, film screenings, and more.

We want to construct an agora for free exchange of goods and services.

We want to build a tech-enabled studio for co-working, broadcasting, and academic research.

We want to craft a beautiful structure to celebrate life’s most meaningful moments – weddings, namings, memorials, proms, and holidays.

We have the dream and the skills to make it happen what we need is a property of our own.

Our lease runs out at the end of this year, and due to harassment from municipal bureaucrats, our landlords will not offer us a renewal. Also, frankly, we’ve improved our current space so much that they may be able to double or triple the rent!

If we own our land, we can choose when to stand up to petty regulations – and more importantly, our community will get the proceeds from the sweat equity we put in to improve the property.

Finally, as a 501c3 nonprofit, the Human Action Foundation can file for property tax exemption for property it owns, meaning more dollars go to our programs and fewer to the government’s.

You may be thinking, “Why should I fund a community space that is nowhere near where I live?”

Well, did you know that Ron Paul remained in Congress for three decades not just because of the liberty-minded citizens of Southeast Texas but due to a national network of pro-liberty donors to his campaigns?

Has your state made headway in ending cannabis prohibition? Do you think that would have happened if not for the trailblazing efforts of libertarians in Colorado?

When Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat, do you think that only benefitted oppressed commuters in Montgomery Alabama? No! It echoed across America and the world…

We’re not saying we have the courage of Rosa Parks or the millions of beneficiaries of Colorado legalization or the influence of Ron Paul…

But we do believe in plus-sum outcomes – in a free society, what benefits you also benefits me. And in a semi-free society, donations to a 501c3 benefit you another way – a tax deduction!

We wish every town had a space like The Praxeum – but right now one already exists in the heart of the most thriving liberty community on Earth. And it’s time to make it even better!

It’s time to show the world a new modelnot dependent on church or state, but on reason and freedom.

Who should consider donating to Praxeum 2.0?

  • Libertarians who want to see the philosophy of liberty nurtured in its own homestead and then rippling outward into the world.
  • Humanists who want to see communities gather without superstition.
  • Religious believers who want to show kindness to people who respect freedom of conscience and religion.
  • Hippies who want to spread the ideals of peace and love.
  • Capitalists who want to promote the free market.
  • New Hampsters, Mainahs, and Vermonsters who want more options for education, entertainment, and opportunity in the region.
  • Anyone who wants to help build a new “shining city on a hill” – a living example of the virtues of liberty.

Please consider donating today to our down payment fund. Your donation is tax-deductible and truly appreciated by all who stand to benefit: students, parents, artists, entrepreneurs, and liberty-lovers everywhere.


To express our gratitude, we will recognize donors whenever possible, including:

  • A Shoutout on the Freecoast Freecast for donations of $10 or greater.
  • A Human Action Foundation t-shirt for donations of $100 or greater.
  • A set of 4 laser-etched “free coasters” (get it?) for donations of $250 or greater.
  • A HAF-branded USB stick with ebooks from the greatest minds of libertarian philosophy for donations of $500 or greater.
  • A Tree or Flower Planted in Your Honor at the new Praxeum for donations of $1,000 or greater.
  • An Engraved Brick or Stone at the new Praxeum for donations of $2,500 or greater.
  • A Bench Dedicated to You or a Loved One placed at the new Praxeum for donations of $5,000 or greater.
  • A Venue Dedication, e.g. the Williams Library, at the new Praxeum for donations of $25,000 or greater.

(Please note: Implementation of recognition offers will be at the discretion of the Human Action Foundation. They are offered as a thank you for a donation and not as a purchase transaction.)

Thank you for your time in reading this. Thank you for your passion for liberty. Thank you for your donation.

Onward and upward!


$229,323.00 of $250,000.00 raised


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